Welcome to "Web 2.0 for Kids" at Rider University!

What's On for Today?

We can't lie; there's a lot of ground to cover in the next six hours. We'll be demonstrating a wide variety of audio, video, writing, and - most importantly to "Web 2.0" - publishing tools for you to use with your students. You may not feel every tool is appropriate for your classroom or your students - that's fine! Today's workshop will look something like this:
  • Part I: Tool Tour - Suzanne and Damian introduce the concept of the "read/write Web" and its educational applications, as well as several different tools that make online collaboration and publishing as user-friendly as it's ever been. "Real life" examples will be provided!
  • Part II: Pick Your Poison - If Part I was all about breadth, Part II is all about depth. Before and after lunch, you'll have the opportunity to pick one or two tools from Part I and explore them. This is your "sandbox" time - time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty! Have fun with your new toys; Suzanne and Damian will be available to work with small groups or 1:1. Consider how you might implement these tools in your classroom this September.
  • Part III: Pair/Share - For the last hour or so, we'd like to see what you learned how to do this afternoon and how you feel it might benefit teaching and learning in your classroom. We'll share impressions and ideas as well as questions and concerns.

Your Presenters

Suzanne Carbonaro (a Rider professor) and Damian Bariexca (a Rider alumnus) will guide you through today's "tool tour". Click "About Us" in the sidebar menu to learn more about Suzanne and Damian.